Recovery Starts by Drying Things Out

Schedule water damage restoration services in Frederick, Windsor, CO & surrounding areas

Did your basement flood? CARE Restoration can get it dried out again. We offer water mitigation services in Frederick, Windsor, CO and the surrounding areas. Our specialists will assess the damage using advanced moisture meters and sensors, then create a plan for drying out your property in the quickest and most cost-effective way.

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Learn the different categories of water damage

The way we'll proceed when you call us for water damage restoration services depends on the type of water damage involved. If your water damage falls under category one (clean water), we'll extract any standing water, remove affected materials and dry out your property. If the water damage falls under category two or three (gray or black water), we'll contain the area and set up HEPA air scrubbers to remove harmful contaminants from the air.

Contact us now to arrange for water mitigation services. You'll be glad you relied on our team.