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CARE Restoration Asbestos Abatement Services 

Avoid the Severe Health Risks of Airborne Asbestos

The microscopic fibers of asbestos can remain suspended in the air for days at a time, and once inhaled can penetrate the lungs causing potentially deadly side effects.


Residential and commercial buildings constructed prior to 1980, and even many built after may put you at risk for a variety of dangerous health conditions:


  • Asbestosis
  • Mesothelioma
  • Lung cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • And more


Whether you’re running a business or a household, your property is meant to be a safespace–not a threat to your health. Get peace of mind with CARE Restoration’s asbestos abatement services.

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When it comes to protecting your home, trust only the very best in the restoration business. 

At CARE Restoration, you can count on us for:

Fully Certified and Educated Experts

It is estimated that almost 80% of people in the restoration industry don’t hold a single certification in their field of employment. At CARE Restoration, we are certified, experienced, and actively continuing our education in order to offer the highest quality restoration services and care for our customers.


Professionals that Actually CARE

Instead of doing things the same old way, we’ve made it our mission to combine honesty and integrity with the latest technology and continuing education. We’re primarily in the people business, so we treat your property like it was our very own. 


Professionals that Actually CARE

Instead of doing things the same old way, we’ve made it our mission to combine honesty and integrity with the latest technology and continuing education. We’re primarily in the people business, so we treat your property like it was our very own. 



We remove all furniture and personal items possible from the premises, and prepare the remainder of the space for cleaning.


We wipe down all the surfaces in the area for a secure application of tape and other sealants. This is essential in order to properly execute step two.



We cover all windows, vents, and other openings with a thick layer of plastics. Any furniture unable to be removed is also covered over by two layers of polyurethane plastic for maximum protection. 


Once the area is sealed, negative air pressure is established in the decontamination chambers and cleaning can begin. Portable showers run heated water over the cleaning zones and filter out the toxins and contaminants. By using water, airborne particulates are kept to an absolute minimum.



Gross removal begins by bagging all waste into industrial polyurethane plastic bags, which are subsequently sealed and wiped down thoroughly.  


We place the asbestos abatement bags of debris into a decontamination chamber to be bagged a second time and labeled as hazardous to ensure the waste is treated properly. 



After the primary waste abatement, we perform three cleaning redundancies to return the space to livable conditions: 


  1. We remove and clean the interior prep polyurethane in layers while controlling for any debris. We then thoroughly wiped down the area for a pristine finish.
  2. We employ a third-party hygienist to perform a detailed inspection, analyzing debris concentration and air particulates to guarantee an asbestos-free environment. 
  3. After passing the inspection, all remaining equipment is removed.



We deposit the waste in a polyurethane-lined waste trailer, hauling it to an appropriate landfill that has been approved for asbestos abatement protocols. 

See Why Our Customers Trust the CARE Restoration Name

If your home or business has serious, urgent restoration needs, you can trust that you will receive the highest level of care in the business. If you’re still not sure who to trust, take a look at our customer stories to see why we’re the right choice for you.

Ready to Secure Your Home or Business from Asbestos?

Our team is available 24/7 to help with asbestos abatement and all your other restoration needs.  Reach out today to get started.

What others are saying about us

Filip Belousov
Filip Belousov
CARE Restoration did great work for us a few weeks ago. We had an unexpected plumbing emergency and they came out the same day. The crew was very professional, friendly, and helpful. They took great care not to damage our carpet and pad in the basement so that I could re-use it. Also, their price was very fair. I would happily use them again and recommend them to all of my family and friends. Thanks for the great work!
Keith Barritt
Keith Barritt
This company is awesome! I had a leaky water pipe somewhere in my house that the 2 plumbing companies I called could not find. They came out first thing the day after I called them and was able to find the issue in 20 minutes. They then recommended someone to call to come out and talk to me about the fix that will be needed. They were professional and very nice, Cole was great! I have recommended them to a friend with a similar issue, and I would tell everyone this is the company to use! Just amazing!
Integrity Environmental Marketing
Integrity Environmental Marketing
Care Restoration goes above and beyond for all of their clients. They are very knowledgeable, great attention to detail and you can always count on their work being great. We are very grateful for their partnership.
Azzam Aziz
Azzam Aziz
Had a slight water leak from the above bathroom. Called in and they immediately responded. They recommended I just seal the gaps, and take a look. I requested they come out, and they came out for free and since they didn't have to cut a whole they didn't charge. Professional, responsive, and really good value.
Austin Shackelford
Austin Shackelford
On 5/4/2022, Care Restoration was referred to me by Applewood Plumbing, who had arrived at my home promptly at 8:00 am to repair a sewage leak, which had first been diagnosed as the problem by someone else (remaining nameless and out of this current network). For a couple of weeks, I was experiencing a terrible odor and literally one hundred + of huge blueish-green flies coming into my master bed/bath from somewhere in, around, or underneath my mobile home on a daily basis. It was believed by Applewood Plumbing ‘s Technician that the odor was coming from a dead animal and not from a broken sewage pipe; thus, the referral to Care Restoration…my lucky day! My plumber left, and I immediately called the referral number I had been given. James answered my call and immediately set up a couple Technicians to come out that afternoon from 1-3 pm to assess my situation and give me an estimate. At 1 pm, Eric arrived and went right to the “infected” area of filth, inside my home. At this time , two more Technicians arrived from Care Restoration and then they all went outside to investigate. They came back in and Eric had pictures of underneath the bathroom floor and diagnosed “Pack Rats” we’re enjoying themselves, leaving urine and feces all over (thus the terrible smell), allowing the disgusting, filthy flies to share the area and enter my home! So, as there was no dead animal, Eric referred me to a Pest Control company, with whom I will now , gladly, be doing business with on a monthly basis. I have been so impressed with each and everyone I have come into contact with - in person and over the phone - during this unusual journey of mine. This is all new to me so, I have lots of questions and each and every person has afforded me the opportunity to ask any question I, or my involved sons’ want answers to. Patient, polite and kind …each and everyone has been! I cannot tell you how pleasant this experience has turned out to be - these individuals and these companies have given me “lemon aid” out of one of Life’s lemons. Thank you everyone 😇
Joel Spicola
Joel Spicola
I had a leak in a main line which removes water from the second level of our two story house. The leak ended up being caused from a nail which was nailed into the pipe during construction. The ultimate result was a small drip which would fall out of pipe and fall down the long pipe into basement where the pipe bends at a connection. The plumber suggested I contact CARE to help locate where the hole was in the pipe. CARE Restoration answered the phone on the 3rd ring, booked an appointment for one of their team members to come out that same day I was calling (Lightning FAST). When they arrived there were two CARE team members who quickly went to work. They used various high tech devise to see if there was moisture in any walls and ceiling and then quickly figured out the way the plumbing lines were set up. They then used a small camera to search inside the wall to find where the hole was located and gave me a thorough explanation of where the leak was occurring in the line. At this point I needed to call the plumber back to fix the pipe where the small hole was. CARE Restoration was a great company to work with and I would highly recommend anyone that has a small or large plumbing issue they need help finding fast to call this company. They were great to work with and very reasonable in price.
Rich Obrecht
Rich Obrecht
We are in the process of selling our home, and the inspection revealed what was thought to be mold. I contacted CARE Restoration, and they stopped by at our convenience (on a Saturday!) and reviewed the findings of the inspection, which turned out not to be mold. It was immediately remediated, taken care of completely! I would highly recommend CARE Restoration to ANYONE for a complete and professional experience. Adequate words for the care I received are too numerous to list. If you need this sort of help, CARE Restoration should be first on your call list! Rich Obrecht.
Tracy Graham
Tracy Graham
Helen James
Helen James
Erick and cole were great, they cleaned up the mess and dried everything out. They explained everything and worked with my insurance company to make sure we were taken care of. I would recommend them to anyone!

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