Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet is the biggest filter in your home or office. It can collect and trap dust mites, bacteria, pet dander and other allergens (collectively known as 'soil'). Regular vacuuming can remove 70-80% of this soil, but most carpet manufacturers recommend that you have your carpets deep cleaned every six to twelve months depending on the level of traffic.

DID YOU KNOW? Most carpet manufacturers recommend that your carpets are professionally cleaned at least once a year.

The most effective cleaning method is hot water extraction (also known as steam cleaning). A combination of 200° water and specially formulated chemicals ensure your carpets are left clean and looking their best.

When we clean your carpets, we will take the following steps:

  • Our IICRC certified technician will conduct a walkthrough of your home noting problem areas such as spots, stains or damage, and propose solutions.
  • We then move furniture so that we can clean as much of your carpet as possible.
  • The next step is the actual cleaning. We begin by vacuuming the carpet thoroughly to remove dry soil. If needed, spots and stains are pretreated, then the cleaning solution is introduced to the carpet and agitated, suspending the soil. After three to five minutes of dwell time, our state of the art wet vacuuming equipment removes soil and excess moisture. We use portable units so that we do not have to run hoses through your house from outside.
  • When we move to the next room or area of your house, we add air movement to the carpet we have just finished, to help speed drying.
  • Finally, once we are finished, we will replace any furniture we have moved, using tabs under the legs and feet to prevent staining of your newly cleaned carpet.

DID YOU KNOW? The IICRC estimates that approximately 80% of carpet cleaners have no formal certification or training.

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